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No one wants to live with a small penis. The fact is that a small penis and poor self image is one of the leading causes of depression among men. This all speaks to the fact of how important it is for a man of any age to have a much improved self-confidence level and how he deems himself worthy in the sexual performance department. There is no longer a need for you to spend your life in shame, worrying about the next sexual encounter for fear you will be made fun of by your partner. Yes, those days are long over and today you can feel like a new man.

Advantages Of The Penile Enhancement Patch

  • Hard and big erections having powerful orgasms

  • Sex drive improves

  • Intense and quick arousal and more capacity for sex

  • Improved stamina for long-lasting sexual encounters

  • Improved confidence for sex

  • A fulfilling and more active sex life

Current Top 5 Penis Patches

Rating #1 #2 #2 #4 #5
Products ProEnhance
Size Gain 2 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 3
1 - 2 Inches 1 - 2
Quality Ingredients Highest High Average Average Average
Doctor Approved Yes Yes Yes No No
Customer Support


Excellent Average Poor Poor
Company Reputation Outstanding Excellent Average Average Average
Free Bonuses Yes Yes Yes No No
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* Please send us your vote and feedback to us with the receipt scanned if you have tried any product and has successes with it. By doing so you are helping men who are facing the same problem that you face before. We thank you for your participation. Your vote does matter and will be added to the total number of votes.

Why Patches Is A Better Option?

These are the few methods that must be avoided if you want to achieve the ideal penile size, look to become a sex god and even are willing to restart the penis enhancement process. 

Penis Pumps - The penis pump has been around for more years than most can count. For decades the men's magazines have run ads in the classifieds spelling out the so called benefits of the penis pump and why you should choose this method. What the adverts do not tell you about is the major dangers that lurk around the corner with the penis pumps.

In many cases you will have a serious deformity of the penis because of the constant pumping pressure that is applied. Impotence is also very common as the penis becomes damaged from the extreme force that is found inside the pump itself. You may also find blisters and poor circulation, which will lead to painful erections over the course of time.

Weights - Hundreds of years ago there were civilizations that believed in penis enlargement. Because they were no where near as advanced as we are they came up with off the wall systems for enlarging the penis. This brought about the idea of weights being hung from the penis. The practice carried over to this day and still it is practiced by some people.

What they do not realize is the fact that weights being hung from the end of the penis are highly dangerous. For one thing you could cause a severe muscle strain which can lead to impotence. A thing penis, reduced sensitivity as well as pain during arousal are all very common when it comes to the weight hanging method.

Penis Pills - Penis enlargement pills have also been around for a long time. The problem is that most of them never worked. It was very common for scam artists to use sugar pills to get a person's money. However, in this day and age you should note that the new herbal pills are on the market. Sure, the dangers are not as high as they are with other penis enlargement methods but they are still there. The chance of a highly dangerous interaction with other medications that you take is possible as well as dosage problems and allergies.

Surgery  - When the medical community started giving the penis enlargement theory some respect they responded in true form. While they never thought that some kind of medication would do the trick, they determined that surgery was the best option. Now thousands of men are going through this kind of surgery every year. However, the surgery is one of the most dangerous of all the penis enlargement methods.

There is the chance that you could come away with severe nerve damage which will prevent sexual intercourse because you simply cannot feel it. Impotence, severe scarring and even amputation are all side effects that can come with this kind of procedure.

We certainly advise that you think carefully before undertaking any of these procedures. You are well on your way to relief from penis size problems because you have made the decision to go with the penis patches which is safer compare to the above. Do not let some of the other more dangerous methods sway your decision.

How We Get Our Top 5?

Because you have a good idea of what the best method is for you, you must be willing to take the kind of action that is necessary. For this you will need to participate in the chosen program to the fullest extent. Only by doing so will you find the right results the first time around. This will increase your chances of a higher sexual drive and more pleasure filled experience for you and your lover.

But we need your help. Which of the penis patch systems is the best. For this we have created a poll to give anyone who has used one of the penis patch systems the opportunity the chance to cast their vote. We would like to know about your success and how you feel now that you are in the above average crowd.

To participate please send your vote to us along with the your receipt when you receive your penis patches. Please vote only once. All duplicate votes, and votes from the same person through a different email address will not be counted. 

Remember, you are doing this to help thousands of other men that will come after you. To ensure the products live up to its promises, we carried out our own research. We don't mind doing that because your success matters a lot to us. We sincerely hope you will continue to work toward your penis enlargement goal. Don't give up! You can do it! We will appreciate that you sent your vote too after you have achieved your dream. Thank in advance. Good luck and all the best!

ProEnhance System Is Voted #1 By Users

ProEnhance System Is Voted #1 By UsersThe number of men suffering from sexually related complications all over the world has been on an exponential rise. If you belong to that category, perhaps this is the right time to correct the situation. It is important to make sure your wife or girl appreciates your work in bed. That is why the use of products such as ProEnhance is not an aspect you can overlook.

ProEnhance System incorporates doctor backed penis patch and doctor endorsed, #1 rated penis perfection "For Men Onlyô" exercise program in one awesome bundle. The enlargement system is developed by medical professionals and works on the principle of combining two enlargement methods for optimal and accelerated growth. This mean fast and guarantee penis growth for you.

Boosting your sex life does not only include the increase semen load, but there are many other aspects that you need to bring into the picture. Like in this case, the use of ProEnhance helps with male enhancement. This means increasing the length and thickness of your penis so that you can satisfy your partner in bed. Much as there are other patches in the market, this truly delivers on the promise. The ProEnhance solution has also been recommended by many doctors and sexologists. This means that they have confidence that it will deliver results.

Customer Feedbacks: The user feedbacks we received and our own research on reliable sources revealed many were very impressed and very satisfied with the results. Majority of them has penis gain ranging from 2 to 3 inches permanently. Customer support were outstanding and company reputation is outstanding. 

Our Final Verdict: If you want the best results out of your enlargement, get ProEnhance System, you will not be disappointed. To give you a peace of mind, they are the only penis patch company to offer a risk free, full 6 months money back guarantee.

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Vimax Patch Is Voted #2 By Users

Vimax Patch Is Voted #2 By UsersIf you are a man and you have a small penis that might not be making any impact when you are having sex, it might be a good idea to adopt the use of patch solutions. However, it is important to settle for a solution that will deliver the most ideal results. A product like Vimax Patch offer you the right results by increasing the size of your penis by 2-3 inches. When you are using Vimax Patch, you can rest assured that you will be using a product that has been proven to deliver results.

Customer Feedbacks: The feedbacks we received and our own research on reliable sources revealed many of them were impressed and satisfied with the final outcome. Majority of them has penis gain ranging from 2 to 3 inches permanently. Customer support were excellent and company reputation is excellent. 

Our Final Verdict: If you want to transform your sex life with better, stronger and even more aggressive orgasms and erections, plus a permanent increase in penis size Vimax Patch is the product to go for. Instead of going for pills or even having to go through painful surgeries, Vimax Patch can do the magic. If you want to be felt and appreciated in bed, this is the #2 solution you ought to adopt. Vimax Patch is a very good alternative to ProEnhance System and your best choice if ProEnhance System is out of stock. 

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EnhanceRX Patch Is Voted #3 By Users

EnhanceRX Patch Is Voted #3 By UsersIf you have issues with the size of your penis or your erections are not as hard and as sustainable as you might want them to be, the use of EnhancerX Patch will offer you the help that you need. It is mainly concerned about improving your sex life physically. When you have a larger penis and your erections are more sustainable, you will be in position to satisfy your partner better. 

The use of EnhancerX Patch has been used by males all over the world because these people appreciate the role of this product in their lives. You need to know that other than to increase sperm count, you also need to boost the other aspects of your sex life. It is all about making your partner better appreciate you as the man in the game. This product is made using herbal ingredients so you donít have to worry about side effects. 

Customer Feedbacks: The feedbacks we received about EnhancerX Patch from emails and our own research on reliable sources revealed many of them were happy and satisfied with the penis gain. Majority of them has penis gain from 1 to 3 inches permanently. Customer support were good and company reputation is good.

Customer Feedbacks: If you want to be felt and appreciated in bed, this is the #3 solution you ought to adopt.

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ZyGain Patch Is Voted #4 By Users

ZyGain Patch Is Voted #4 By UsersAnyone out there who wants to boost their penis would be desperate for any solution that comes his way. If you are in such a state, you donít have to be desperate any more. There are many male enhancement products that you will come across in the market today. However, if you are looking for a product that will help you achieve better and stronger erections, the use of ZyGain Patch is another product to try. 

ZyGain Patch helps to increase the length of your penis so that you can have better sex. If you want your partner to feel better with you in bed, the use of ZyGain Patch will come in handy. You can realize the desired results in about a few months when you start using the patch. 

Customer Feedbacks: The feedbacks we received from users and our own research on reliable sources revealed many of them were quite happy with the results. Majority of them have penis gains from 1 to 2 inches. Both customer support and reputation were poor.

Our Final Verdict: Although it may not be the best patch, it is another alternative for those looking for a standalone patch.

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AchieveRX Patch Is Voted #5 By Users

AchieveRx Patch Is Voted #5 By UsersMost men who have realized that their sex lives are not rewarding are always on the look for solutions to help them revolutionalize their sex life. If you belong to this category and you feel that your partner might leave you for not performing as desired in bed, the use of AchieveRX Patch might be of help. The use of AchieveRX Patch help to increase the length of your penis and your erections will be stronger.

Your partner will definitely feel the action when you are having sex. Since the erections are also sustainable, your partner will appreciate every minute of the action. You need to understand that sex life does not just mean to increase sperm count. Other than the ejaculation and orgasm, there are other aspects that add spice to your sex life. That is exactly what AchieveRX Patch can offer you.

Customer Feedbacks: According to feedbacks and own research, most of the users are happy with the outcome with penis gain ranging form 1 to 2 inches. Both customer support and reputation were poor. 

Our Final Verdict: AchieveRX Patch offer an alternative for those seeking a penis enlargement patch.

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Your Choice - A Bigger Penis Or Smaller Penis?

As a service to you we have reviewed the top five penis enlargement patch systems on the market. Since we are a team made up of all males, we know how you feel about this area of your life. We are not going to judge you or make you feel worse than you already do. We care about your penis enlargement goals and how to make sure that you are going to be able to achieve them. We want you to succeed!

Through the entire process we hope to be able to guide you on the path to the best results possible. Thanks to the new and advanced methods for penis enlargement, there has never been a better time for you to be able to find the right kind of method that will work for you. Remember that thousands of men have succeeded before you.

Take the knowledge that has already been laid out with their success and use it for your own personal benefit. Nothing short of amazing things can happen when you follow the new methods of penis enlargement. Making the right choice is only half the battle. If you have already chosen your penis enlargement method you need to make sure that you follow through.

Success is part due to the proven methods but a lot of it depends on you. Patience, persistence and above all else, a positive attitude is key to your reaching the penis enlargement goals that you have set down. There will be no success if you do not find the right mix of attitude as well as methods to ensure you are reaching your goals. Have a positive outlook and you will see that everything will fall into place as it should.

We are excited that you have chosen to take the steps necessary for a thicker and more strong penis. Please let us know how you are doing and cast your vote for the best penis enlargement patch system that you have found for success. Keep working toward your enlargement dream. You can do it! Don't give up!