A Hard Look at the AchieveRx
Male Enhancement Patch System

If you're unhappy with your penis and want to enjoy larger and fuller erections (and all the sexual benefits that come with that) then the AchieveRx Penis Patch may be just what you need!

You've got a problem

Click Here To View AchieveRx Patch WebsiteYou have a problem, and you know you need to correct it. Your penis just cannot seem to get as hard or as big as you need it to be. And your partner's noticed. She may even have commented on it a time or two – or fifty. Chances are you've done all the research, looked at your options, and still find yourself unable to come to any conclusions as to how you can fix the issue.

And it is an issue. The average man has a penis that is somewhere between 5.7 inches and 6 inches long. While that might not seem overly impressive, the difference between that average and a penis that is an inch smaller is dramatic indeed. In fact, it's dramatic enough to negatively impact your sex life. Still, what can you do about a problem of such magnitude?

Is this the solution you need?

The manufacturers who have produced the AchieveRx Penis Patch believe that they have the solution you're seeking. In a market flush with penis enhancement products of every imaginable type, they claim to have the one system you need to make the size gains and performance improvements you need to keep your lover happy.

The herbal blend used in these patches is designed to increase blood flow to the penis and thus expand it both in terms of length and girth. Now, some might wonder why they rely on Chinese herbal science rather than western medical research. The answer is simple: because Chinese medicine has a long and storied history of success.

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So, how can this product potentially benefit you?

That's the rub of it all, isn't it? You need to know how this can benefit you. Well, according to the company's claims, the patches can enable you to enjoy a larger penis, more powerful sex drive and orgasms, and firmer erections. Even better, you can enjoy these benefits for as long as you utilize the system.

And these claims have been well-advertised

The AchieveRx Penis Patch has appeared in a number of nationally-distributed magazines and on television. It's been seen in Stuff, FHM, and other national men's magazines. In addition, thousands of customers use this product every day and report tremendous success and satisfaction.

Identifying the best and the worst features

AchieveRx Patch Is Voted #5 By UsersAs with any product, there are both good and bad features associated with this patch. Before we can determine the real merit of the offering, it's important to evaluate those benefits and drawbacks.

The best

  • Without question, the single greatest benefit is the ingredients used in the formula. There is much to be said of Chinese herbal medicine, as any scientific practice that has faithfully served its society for five thousand years deserves respect. In this instance, it would seem that just the right herbs have been chosen to create this patch's proprietary formula.

  • The patch delivery system is far more efficient than pills.

  • You have none of the risks associated with synthetic medications or similar treatment options. There are no ill side effects.

  • Users report substantial increases in penis hardness, as well as thickness and length.

  • Though results can vary, many users report that they have begun to see those gains in as little as two weeks after they being taking the product.

  • Every interaction with the company is discrete. They understand that penis issues are not the most comfortable of topics for men to discuss, and that you probably don't want to share news about your penis problems with just anyone. Because they respect your privacy, the manufacturers go the extra mile to ensure that the secret stays between them and you.

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The worst

  • Results can vary, and some users may not see their results within the 60-day time frame. The site mentions as many as nine weeks as being necessary for achieving maximum results. That's well outside the guarantee timeframe, so some customers may be reluctant to try the product.

  • The patches do not usually produce permanent results without also using an extender or exercises.

Of course, that last “disadvantage” really isn't that critical. Obviously, if you're at fifty-nine days of use, you'll already know whether you're seeing results or not. If so, the fact that you've yet to see “maximum results” will hardly seem important.

Is there a guarantee of any kind?

The product's makers are confident about their offerings. How confident, you might ask? Well, they're so sure you'll appreciate the results you receive from using the AchieveRx Penis Patch that they fully guarantee each purchase for up to sixty days. Unlike many companies that only back their products for a few weeks, this company has full trust in its ability to guarantee satisfaction for a full two months.

The process is simple too. There are no lengthy parting questionnaires, or long good-byes. You simply return the product within that time frame and they give you back your entire purchase price, with the exception of the shipping.

To recommend or not to recommend? That is the question…

The hardest part of any review is usually the choice of whether or not to recommend a product. In this instance, however, the choice seems pretty clear. If you're dealing with a small, underperforming penis, you need help. There's no escaping that simple truth. The only question is whether this system can work for you.

After reviewing the many benefits and the limited number of potential drawbacks, the advantages clearly outweigh everything else. The fact is that this system isn't promising the moon. It merely promises to help you achieve larger and firmer erections using safe, natural herbs. Because it's backed with a full guarantee to ensure that you are one hundred percent satisfied, you simply owe it to yourself to give the AchieveRx Penis Patch a try.

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