Penis Enlargement Patches FAQs

It's good to gather as much information as possible before deciding to buy and use a penis enlargement product. If you are considering penis enlargement patches, the answers to some of the questions that you might be having have been provided here. They will help you decide whether or not penis enlargement patches is appropriate for you

Are penis enlargement patches effective?

This is usually the number one question that men ask when considering any product of penis enhancement. The truth is, penis enlargement patches are an effective way of enhancing the male member- just like the pills. However, the effectiveness of this product is dependent on some factors. For instance, what are you looking for, or what your expectations are? If you are expecting an increment of three or four inches, you won't find patches as effective. As long as your expectations are realistic, and you have used the patches as instructed, you will find the product useful.

What is contained in the penis patches?

Just like penis enlargement pills, patches contain active herbal ingredients. These are ingredients that have been carefully selected. These are the ones with the ability to enhance the male member. Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine comes extremely in handy in such scenarios. Since time immemorial, men have used herbal medicine to treat a range of male sexual health problems. However, not all penis enlargement patches are the same. The ingredients contained and the amounts usually vary considerably. There are also fake ones in the market. Shop cautiously, but most importantly, purchase from highly reputable manufacturers or sellers just to be sure.

How do penis enlargement patches work?

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They work pretty much like the penis pills- considering the ingredients are the same. The different arises in the manner in which the components reach the bloodstream. In the case of pills, one must swallow them according to the guidelines of the manufacturer. On the other hand, penis patches are placed on the skin and left there for one to three days. This means that the ingredients pass through the skin and then go straight into the bloodstream. The ingredients in the penis enlargement patches are not diluted by the stomach acids. This makes them more effective than when taken through the mouth.

What do penis enlargement patches offer?

Generally, apart from increasing the penis size, the ingredients present in the penis patches increase the virility and the overall male sexual health. Among the most significant benefits of using penis, patches include improved the quality of erections, sex drive, as well as increased physical sensation. With the continued use of the product, you will enjoy superior performance in sex.

When can I expect to witness results?

Usually, in a fortnight, you should be able to see some changes. However, full benefits are realised after a couple of months of continuous and proper usage of the patches.

How is the penis enlargement patch worn?

It is very straightforward. You identify a clean but a bit hairy area of the skin and then apply the patch. Most appropriate areas are the inner thigh, the buttocks, or the area around the lower abdomen. You are also required to replace the patch every one to three days. This is the only thing that you have to do- technology picks it from here.


We know when you are thinking about a penis enlargement routine, you have lots of questions. Above, you’ll find answers to some of the most common. All these questions are submitted by our visitors. However, if you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

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