Big Penises Satisfy Women's Instinctive Need To Reproduce

There are numerous reasons behind the preference for a bigger penis by women. The greatest reason of them all is for optimum pleasure. Another reason is the instinctive desire for women to reproduce. The human female runs into a real problem or rather challenge when selecting the right man to bear children with. They apply more criteria compared to men and goes through the process of projecting the consequences of her choices into the future.

Women have the tendency of choosing the best male with whom to produce the best possible children- especially where their future boy kids are concerned. While factors such as intelligence, power, money, prestige, status and religious convictions may come into play, the male genitalia is equally important. Whatever a woman believes her man should be will ultimately result into:

  1. The best genes for her offspring and

  2. The highest chance of survival for the offspring as well as his ability to pass it on its genes

It is her human mind that permits her to put all the possibilities into account. A woman doesn't just go into heat and then have intercourse with the closest best bet. Instead, as far as conceiving is concerned, a woman usually make plans, review her choices and then make a conscious decision prior to embarking on the reproduction route. Apparently, it's only the human female that can make such conscious and planned decisions regarding her sex life.

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The fact that a woman thinks consciously about her sexual life doesn't mean that she lacks instinctive desire like the men. However, it means that when her natural desires to reproduce are at work, she prefers a particular criterion of men. Among the criteria used by women are men who have big dicks- due to their superior genetics. Larger cocks satisfy the instinctive desire of women to reproduce.

Why is this so?

For starters, women view big cocks as a sign of the fertility of a man. In that case, she tends to believe that a man with a larger penis is more fertile compared to the ones with smaller ones. Secondly, a woman believes that by copulating with a big cock, it creates more chances for her offspring. Lastly, there is a common belief among women that the son of a man who has a big wiener will have higher chances of impregnating women in future because he will have a large penis as well.

Actually, this isn't far from the interpretation of the principal law of nature. The law states that every species must reproduce and increase in numbers. Just like the majority of animals, men are designed to hunt for women and impregnate as many of them as possible. Nature programmed it that way in order to ensure survival, as well as the growth of species. As a result, the process of natural selection is enforced by nature. Imagine how it would be like if all the men had equal chances of producing off springs. Chances are that humans would degenerate quickly and ultimately become extinct.

To prevent this from happening, men must impregnate women. A long penis has the highest potential of delivering sperms deep inside the vagina. This explains why a woman is naturally programmed to have a desire for bigger dicks. Full and longer penises are more likely to give a woman multiple orgasms during intercourse. On the same note, women who orgasm during sex are more likely to have their children fathered by that man.

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