Penis Size Discussions Can Break Up Relationships

Discussions surrounding penis size have been named as one of the major causes of breakups in relationships. While such discussions are really healthy and sometimes results in stronger sexual relationships, how they are handled by both parties makes a whole lot of difference in their outcome. The issue of the penis, as well as the debates and talks surrounding it,must be given the attention it deserves. It is a delicate matter that must be handled with utmost carefulness. Failure to which, individuals will jump from one relationship to another and get no satisfaction from each one of them.

What do women really think about penis size? This is one of the things that men are yet to fully establish. Actually, no one really seems to understand what women want when it comes to penis size. They say that women are complicated and that one may need to read a voluminous to fully understand them. This nature of women is what makes penis size discussions between partners difficult and a source of break ups in relationships.

It is quite unfortunate that women don't tell their male partners the truth about their penises? On the other hand, they freely talk about the same with their girlfriends without sparing any detail. This happens especially when a woman has met a new boyfriend who he has already gone to bed with. Women have those famous coffee dates in order to talk about their men's penis. I find it very sad that women can tell their girlfriends exactly what they think about the cocks of their partners, and yet, fail to open up to their men.

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A lot of men admit feeling more and more confused about their penis sizes, each time they hold penis size conversations with their girlfriends or wives. Women tend to describe penis size of their men differently, on separate occasions. For instance, at times, she will say that your penis is just perfect for her. Other times, she says that penis size doesn't matter and that what is imperative is the foreplay. In the middle of love making, the same woman may beg you to penetrate her deeper- this makes men feel like their penis size aren't sufficient. With the same woman communicating different feelings on separate occasions, it becomes very difficult to know what exactly is on her mind.

A woman will never tell you that you are not adequately endowed. She will want you to believe that you have a big penis and that you satisfy her. Can you imagine the same woman asking her boyfriend if he is still inside when they are engaging in sex? This is how contradictory women's statements can be. Men just cannot handle such confusions and this puts a relationship at risk. A man who already has doubts, worries and questions about his penis size can feel even worse. Even the most stable relationships can break when the penis size talk isn't handled with caution.

While this topic is important, avoid talking about the size of the penis with your partner every other time. Since the subject is very sensitive, it is important for one to know what to say and what shouldn't be said.

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