The Problem witha Small Penis (What's the Big Deal?)

A small penis isn't really the problem. As long as it is able to perform its intended purpose, a small penis shouldn't really be a problem. As long as your penis can pass urine and perform its intended role of procreation, i don't see any problem.

Unfortunately, no amounts of comforting words have been enough to make men stop worrying about their penis size. There is a lot of hype going on everywhere about the penis size. This has in turn made worse the obsession that men have for their penis size. The heart of the matter is that different men have varying sizes of penises in terms of both length and girth. Some are adequately endowed; others are small while others are overly large.

Nearly every man has compared himself with other men. Whenever this happens, a man is left either feeling more confident or more inadequate than they considered themselves in the first place. As I started by saying, having a small penis shouldn't be considered a challenge as long as it can pass urine and ejaculate. The problem with a small penis is something else – if it starts affecting your self esteem and confidence. Men need to be extremely careful to prevent a situation where they become obsessed with penis size.

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It is a big deal when you cannot change clothes or remain naked at the gym lockers. You have a problem if you cannot share public urinals with other men. When this happens, it means that you are overly conscious of your penis size and that isn't good for you. Men who do this are usually afraid of their penises being seen by fellow men for fear of being judged based on their penises. These are the kind of men who believe that their masculinity has anything to do with their penis size. This is a very wrong perception- typically; I call it slavery of some sort.

A small penis is also a big deal when a man avoids sexual intimacy with a woman or cannot undress in front of his partner. If it has reached this possible, it's highly likely that one is suffering from the small penis syndrome. Men suffering from SPS are terrified of what women will think about their penises. They tend to believe that they cannot sexually satisfy a woman. In that regard, they prefer staying away of sexual relationships and thus tend to be withdrawn.

Another circumstance when a small penis is a big deal, it's when the performance of a man in other aspects of life are affected. Some men think that just because their penises are small, they are inadequate and thus render themselves useless in general. This means that they underperform in their jobs, businesses, education and relationships. When this happens, you know you are in a big problem and hence, in need of urgent help.

It's all in your head. What men need to know is that your worth isn't measured by the size of your penis. Don't ruin your life, your relationship with that wonderful woman and your self confidence with penis size obsession. There is more to life than just the size of your dick man.

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